Live Online Cannabis Growing Classes

NOTE: This 1-Day GROW-101 LIVE Online “LIVE” Class contains the exact same information as our 1-Day PUBLIC GROW-101 Class.

LEARN FROM HOME: The Grow School’s LIVE Online Cannabis Growing Courses are the best way for students to attend a GROW-101 course without actually traveling to Colorado, Ohio, or Washington D.C.

ONLINE COURSES: These are Online Courses that students can take from home, using their own personal computer or iPad. Online LIVE Courses are actual Live Classes that are taught in Real-Time, and hosted by an Expert Grow School Master-Grower Instructor that attending students can see, and ask questions of, during their Class. Your Personal Instructor will teach you EVERYTHING you will need to know to become a successful Legal Indoor Cannabis Grower, as well as answering all of your questions about indoor cannabis growing in soil/soil-less mediums.

LEARN FROM ANYWHERE: The Grow School’s Live Online Classes allow a student to attend The Grow School’s GROW-101 Courses in real-time, from their own computer or iPad, in the comfort their own home (or wherever the student has an internet connection).

Online Cannabis Growing Courses – Up Close, Live, and Personal.

While attending The Grow School’s Online Classes using their internet connected iPad, Laptop or Home Computer, students can actually see, talk to, and interact with their Instructor in Real-Time, all from the comfort of the student’s own home.

During these online Classes, students that have microphones attached or built in to their computer, can ask their instructor questions in Real-Time. Students without microphones can also ask their instructor questions in Real-Time, using the secure “Instructor Chat” area on the student’s computer screen. Students can also ask questions of their instructor AFTER each course as well. Students DO NOT need a webcam or a microphone to attend these courses. 

Will my Computer Work With Online Classes?
Most modern computers will work with this Course. Students can attend Online Classes using any Internet connected iPad or Computer (Laptop or PC) that is operating on any of the following systems:

Windows XP (or any later versions), or

Mac OS X 10.5 (or any later versions) or

Linux (Linux only works with Firefox)

Who Can Attend These Online Courses?
Any adult 21+, in any State, may attend an Online Grow Class. Legitimate Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers under the age of 21 may also attend this Online Classes.

Included Subjects:
Proper Grow Equipment Selection
Correct Grow Room Setup and Safety
Electrical Theory and Safety Requirements
Ventilation Options and Solutions
Odor Mitigation and Elimination
Soil Mixing
Simple and effective Grow-Room Environment Modifications
Cannabis Grow Theory; Determining a Cannabis Plant’s Sex
Watering and Fertilizing; Problem Solving
Using Organics for control and prevention of bugs, mold, mildew, etc
Cannabis Reproduction by Cloning
Trimming, Harvesting, and Curing your Cannabis, and more.

This Class Includes:
One Free Year of The Grow School’s  24/7 Garden Support Program

Downloadable Student GROW-101 eBook containing all of the information taught in the course (readable on any device that can access the internet)

A Lifetime Discount on any and all needed grow supplies at all Way To Grow Stores in Colorado and at Montgomery Hydroponics in Maryland

The Grow School records and archives each Online Class as it is happening. After the Course, all students will be emailed a HD video copy of their class. This recording is useful in the event a student would like to review their Online Class, or if the student misses their scheduled online classes or any part of a class. Students may review the recorded copy of their classes for up to 1-year.