All adults in Colorado and many other States now have the legal right to grow Cannabis at home WITHOUT a permit or license of any kind.

You can easily save $1500+ a year by growing your own cannabis at home Legally! All that you need is is a 5 x 5 foot space in your home or apartment! 

The Grow School's One-Day Courses will show you how you can grow a years supply of cannabis in just 4 months.

Grow-101 is offered in Public, Private, and Online Classes. Grow-101 is a $159.00, 4-6 hour (depending on student's questions) intensive hands-on class in growing Medical or Recreational Marijuana in soil in a residential environment.

The Public GROW-101 Class is presented to students (maximum 25 per class), using a series of visual presentations, lectures, and hands-on demonstrations. All Public Classes are taught in a handicapped accessible public location.

Private Grow-101 Classes are presented to small classes of 5-6 students, using a series of visual presentations, lectures, and hands-on demonstrations. Private Classes are taught at the private residence of one of The Grow School's Instructors. Both Public and Private Classes present the exact same information to the students.

All aspects of growing cannabis, from seedling to harvest - to designing your own personalized grow room, are covered in the 1-day Grow-101 Class. Special emphasis is given on the Legal aspects of growing, setting up a productive grow room, electrical safety, and advanced problem solving techniques. 

The Grow School teaches students "hands-on" everything they will need to know about equipment selection, cannabis grow theory, mixing soil and fertilizers, problem solving, harvesting and curing, and much, much more.

All scientific terms and explanations are fully and simply explained, giving the student a solid foundation of usable knowledge for added gardening success in the future.

All course materials will be provided. The student need only bring his/her desire to learn. No prior experience in growing marijuana or cannabis is needed, as the course will instruct the beginning to intermediate student on all the important aspects of growing Medical or Recreational Cannabis for legal use.

Upon completion of the course the student will be presented with a framable diploma, a lifetime discount on all future purchases at any Way To Grow store, and a 120-page Student Grow-101 E-Book containing all of the materials and information presented during the course.

Graduate students of the GROW-101 Class will receive 1-year of free access to The Grow School’s 24/7 “Garden Support” problem-solving service. With this personalized service, The Grow School will help the student with any gardening problems that may arise (including making product recommendations).


To register for a PUBLIC Grow-101 class, choose and click on any Class Date shown on the calendar below for more info or to sign up for that class. Use the arrow at the top right of the calendar to see next month's (and other month's) classes.