All Cannabis Growing information presented by The Grow School is intended for adults that are, or will be compliant with their home State of Residence’s Medical or Recreational Marijuana regulations.

All information contained in The Grow School’s Cannabis Growing Courses is presented for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Under no circumstances does The Grow School promote or provide any information in its Classes or Courses to be used for illegal purposes.

The Grow School’s Students and Alumni agree that they will in no way use any of the information provided by The Grow School to harbor the development of any illegal actions or operations.

Students agree to not hold The Grow School, or any of its owners, operators, employees, or subcontractors liable for the use or misuse of any information obtained from The Grow School.

All adults over the age of 21 (in Colorado) have the automatic right, guaranteed by Colorado amendment – 64, to grow six plants in the resident’s home with no permit needed.

Please verify the legality of your Home State’s Marijuana laws before growing!