About The Grow School

In the beginning… The Grow School, as we know it today, actually started out of a necessity. It began as a simple idea tossed around in one morning the in-formal boardroom of The Colorado Kindness Association, by founder David DeGraff Hamill.

Formed in 2009, The Colorado Kindness Association’s mission was to aid those in need, by supplying them with free medical marijuana and/or private growing classes. The Association actively searched out cannabis donations from growers who had some excess, with the intention to re-distribute (deliver) it free of cost to cancer patients, terminally ill, and medical patients in financial or medical dire straits.

In 2010, Colorado House Bill 1284 changed the Associations plans by making it illegal to “give away” free medical marijuana to someone, even to someone who has a valid MMJ registry card. As a result of HB-1284, only state licensed dispensaries could now legally transfer (sell or give away) marijuana.

For some time before HB-1284 went into effect, the Colorado Kindness Association (CKA) had been working on compiling an on-line Medical Marijuana growing course. But, as a result of this new legislation of HB-1284, The CKA decided the best legal way to continue helping people, was to go forward with creating an actual hands-on course in growing cannabis. And so was born The Grow School.

The first formal private classes were given in December 2010, with the first 6-hour class having only 7 students!

The Grow School continued to grow due to the demand, and soon The Grow School added their free 1-year “Garden Support” program as a bonus to the curriculum. This support program was designed to work with the student 24/7/365, to remedy any and all gardening issues that may arise.

To register for a Class, click on your chosen date on the calendar below and sign up. Use the arrow at the top right of the calendar below to see next month’s (and other month’s) classes.