The Grow School offers Private and Public 1-day GROW-101 “Hands-On” Indoor Cannabis Growing Classes, as well as offering 1-day Online Live GROW-101 Classes and Online Self-Paced Courses that students can attend from home.
Course prices range from $99.00 – $149.00 for Complete Courses.

All Courses/Classes come with FREE 24/7 Garden Support and 140-page Student Grow Guide E-Book.
The growing techniques taught by The Grow School can be easily “Scaled-Up” and used in large professional legal grow operations.
The Grow School has been successfully teaching legal indoor and residential organic cannabis cultivation since 2010.

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NOTE: The Grow School does not sell cannabis and is is fully compliant with Colorado Amendment-20, Colorado Amendment-64, SB-109, HB-1284, and all Colorado State and Local Marijuana Laws and Ordinances.