Why Choose Us?

The Grow School – The Best Approach to Success.


Our Students Come First…

The Grow School’s number one priority has always been their student’s successes in growing. The free “24/7 Garden Support” program is designed to help graduates in resolving any gardening problems that may arise in their legal garden. If desired by the student, The Grow School will send out a Instructor (a Colorado Licensed Medical-Marijuana grower) to the student’s residence to help remedy any problem in person free of charge (Metro Denver only). The Grow School believes that his level of support is important, because for many students, this first year will be their first attempt at growing cannabis successfully.

 Hands-On Skills.

Due to new regulations in Colorado, The Grow School has the ability to use actual cannabis plants in its training programs. Using actual plants in the curriculum presents the student with the correct visual representation of the plant they will be learning to grow. Using the actual cannabis plants, is important to show the student different techniques such as cloning and transplanting.

Educating the Common Citizen.

Although many cannabis entrepreneurs and dispensary owners take The Grow School’s Courses,  the Courses are also designed for people who want to learn to grow their own cannabis at home for personal use. Typical grow schools teach mostly the business-side of running a cannabis retail establishment; focusing more on the legal, licensing, and business aspects of growing cannabis, rather than on the actual growing aspects. The Grow School’s Courses focus on Cannabis Growing Techniques only.
Come to Colorado and take the 6-hour GROW-101 Class and let The Grow School show you how, by using only a 5 foot by 5 foot space in your apartment or home, you can Legally Grow a year’s worth of High-Quality Organic Cannabis in only 3-4 months time. Its Easy, its 100% Legal in Colorado -with NO permit needed, and you can save $2000+ a year by growing your own at home.
Also check out our “LIVE” Online GROW-101 Course. Now you can learn from the comfort of your own home and computer.
Take a GROW-101 Class from The Grow School and start enjoying the financial freedom obtained from growing your own cannabis at home.
Out-of-State Students Always Welcome!